Generate high-quality B2B leads on autopilot


Without having to do any prospecting, without having to spend crazy money on Ads or SEO and you do not need to build any complicated marketing funnels.

We are tactic

We are fascinated by rapid growth. Therefore, we do things that make an impact. Cold calling is old fashioned and often a waste of your time. Complicated marketing funnels are overrated these days. We believe that B2B sales is about personalization and automation (to scale even quicker).

You will never have heard of our personalization techniques before. And you will hardly believe they are possible. Do you want to start conversations that get replies? Contact us.

Most agencies

Our approach

Most agencies

Our approach

1. Building the database of prospects

The important first step in the process starts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we will create the list of prospects which we will target and try to convert. Via the smart use of various filters and tags, we create a highly targeted list of a high-profile target group which we will segment using various characteristics. (Uploading your own CSV list is possible as well).

2. LinkedIn campaigns and follow-ups

The next step is engaging with your prospects. We send them a connection request completely on autopilot. No worries. Automation and personalization go hand in hand with us. When the prospect accepted the request, we follow them up with various valuable messages. We use personalized GIFs and images to stand out from the crowd.

3. Email campaigns and follow-ups

Next to LinkedIn messages, we send hyper-personalized emails. Have a look at the image to see how personalized we can make it (text, images, videos). We use various techniques that prevent your emails from ending up in the spam box. Some figures from an average campaign: 75% open rate and 30% response rate!

4. Closing the deal

The only important thing you need to take care of is closing the deal. This will be no problem because you know how to sell your service/product. When do you need to take action? The moment the lead in your CRM dashboard pops up as ‘hot lead’ (for example: when the prospect responds). Easy as that? Easy as that.

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