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I love working with entrepreneurs that are making an impact on the world with their vision or brand. My motto is: I’d rather go through major ups and downs than settling for the average. That is why we position tactic as a partner, rather than a supplier. I’m always looking for new growth strategies and accelerating even further. To share this with the team, to quickly test and improve, and to celebrate success together is amazing.”

– Jean-Paul Klerks, Founder

I’ve been fascinated by fast-growing companies for many years now. The strategies involved, maximizing returns on a certain investment. But more importantly, the excitement of seeing an idea become reality. Filling a gap in the market and solving a problem for a large group of people. Founding Amber, I have experienced this excitement first hand. With tactic, I want to help other people experience this too. Help amazing ideas become reality and help awesome products to grab the market share they deserve.”

– Steven Nelemans, Founder

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