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As a team of entrepreneurs we know that building a successful company is not always easy. You have to excel in everything, from product development to building a team, from optimizing logistics to getting legal affairs in order. And then there is the most important one: Growth. To maximize your positive impact, you need to focus on product validation, customer traction, and generating revenues to fund further growth.

We know it sounds like a lot, because we’ve been there. That’s why we started tactic, to help awesome products reach their full potential.   


We are passionate to work with companies who have a solid brand and awesome products. We want to help these companies to scale up and accelerate their e-commerce business to another level. Brands with a story that we believe in.

Let us accelerate your brand to a next level by scaling up your online channels, improve online activities, test and refine your strategy to increase your conversions.


We help you to tell your story to the people that really want to hear it, by targeting a specific group of prospects that perfectly aligns with your product.


Targeting the perfect customers is one thing, telling the best story is another. We continuously optimize campaigns to attract high-quality traffic.


We continuously monitor the behaviour of visitors in your store to optimise for maximum conversion.


After a customer has made a purchase, we keep them engaged. Next to an increased Life Time Value, retaining customers leads to extra growth through referrals.

How we
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Our Services


Your e-commerce partner with experts in Shopify marketing to grow your brand, optimize conversion and increase profits.

Social Ads

A new brand can struggle with finding the first customers. Socials ads are a perfect solution. tactic specializes in optimizing paid campaigns, ensuring a maximal growth with a minimal budget.


As your company is growing, organic growth becomes increasingly relevant. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising are a crucial part of tactic’s sales funnel.


Most entrepreneurs know about social ads and SEO, but few understand the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization. tactic continuously monitors the entire salesfunnel to optimize conversion wherever possible.

Marketing Automation

As the company grows, marketing automation can be crucial in maintaining growth. tactic will automate the digital funnel as much as possible over time.

Referral Marketing

Paid advertising is a perfect way to kickstart your e-commerce company, organic growth is the best way to maintain growth. tactic will shift focus to retention and referrals as these become more effective.

Get a quick scan on your Shopify webshop.

Our quick scan is especially created for e-commerce webshops which are build with the Shopify CMS. It allows us to analyze your webshop with a clear view and the vision of your potential cliënt in our mind. Whether you are  operating in a B2C of a B2B environment, You will get a free scan with ideas how to improve your webshop to generate a higher conversion-rate, a better customer experience and a boost for your sales!

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