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We are tactic

We are a team with a diversity of skills and experience. We are fascinated by rapid growth, and want to make a positive impact with everything we do. But most of all, we agreed on one thing: to only work for companies with awesome products. Products with a vision that we believe in. In Shopify we found a tool to help us realize our ambitions. To further accelerate these awesome products. That’s why we are the digital agency for Shopify.



In Shopify we found a great platform to accelerate e-commerce companies. That’s why we’ve seen the ins and outs of building a successful e-commerce company.

Social Ads

A new brand can struggle with finding the first customers. Socials ads are a perfect solution. tactic specializes in optimizing paid campaigns, ensuring a maximal growth with a minimal budget.


As your company is growing, organic growth becomes increasingly relevant. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising are a crucial part of tactic’s sales funnel.


Most entrepreneurs know about social ads and SEO, but few understand the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization. tactic continuously monitors the entire salesfunnel to optimize conversion wherever possible.

Marketing Automation

As the company grows, marketing automation can be crucial in maintaining growth. tactic will automate the digital funnel as much as possible over time.

Referral Marketing

Paid advertising is a perfect way to kickstart your e-commerce company, organic growth is the best way to maintain growth. tactic will shift focus to retention and referrals as these become more effective.


Earth Resonance

Even though the website of one of our clients, Earth Resonance, had 20% less visitors, we managed to increase a turnover that they have never achieved before. Curious how?

The Predators

After we successfully optimized the campagnes of one of our clients, The Predators, we are currently optimizing their landing page to optimize the conversion rate.

Creators & Accelerators in The Heart of Eindhoven

Get to know us

tactic office
Our workspace

tactic is located in the dynamic heart of Eindhoven, Strijp-S. This is where the magic happens and this is where we come up with new ideas and strategies for our clients.

tactic team
What drives us?

A great team spirit with a wide diversity and knowledge. Having conversations with other entrepreneurs with ambitious plans, concepts and products is what drives us.

Steven Nelemans
Our heartbeat

Now a days the digital world has a lot to offer when it comes to tools and techniques. We are always keen for finding out the newest technologies. As a customer you can take advantage of it.

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